We like hugs, and we like programming, and create and measure (yes, we also like to measure things) all kinds of connected objects. And when we were asked to create a wearable that measure the hugs we give as an excuse to get back in touch with the people we want the most, we did not hesitate and got to work.

We performed a study to identify the areas of the torso that remain in contact when a person receives a hug and we distributed 14 sensors inside the vest to cover those areas. These sensors were made using several layers of conductive cloth and a semiconductor material. We custom designed them and the textile parts were laser cutted.

These sensors were connected to a chip located in the lower back. The chip is programmed to interpret the data sent by the sensors in real time wirelessly. Leds lights located behind the left shoulder showed the intensity of the hug that is being received. This is how we can measure and interpret a hug!