When we received the commission to create the website promoting the movie Life by El Hombre del Paraguas for his client Sony we wanted to reflect the feeling of stress suffered by the film characters. That’s why, together with El Hombre del Paraguas, we came up with the idea of create an “Escape web”.

As in the Escape Rooms in our website you had to pass three successful tests to be able to leave. The first test opened the first gate with a code that only those who had seen the movie would know, the second gate opened with a game of dexterity and the third gate with a intelligence game. The experience was accompanied by a rather disturbing music and the stopwatch that, with its countdown, did not help to relax the user.

Only the best players could rise in the ranking and get the prize of the promotion of the movie Life in DVD and Blu-Ray.

ClientSony Pictures Home EntertainmentAgencyEl Hombre del ParaguasLinkwww.latierratenecesita.com